General Shipsupplier

Help Marine is one of the most traditional supplier specialized in shipping companies , ie , supply and logistics operation to supply vessels . Our infrastructure ensures safety and quality in the provision of items from various departments , such as listed below:

1.1. Safety Depart

Life Buoy and Lights, Morning Ropes 8 ans 12 Strand PP and Nylon and Maxiflex, Pyrothecnics Signals, Reflective Tape solas Grade, Life Jacket and Lights Solas Approved, Immersion Suits and Lights, Chemical and Gas Suits, Fire Fight Suit, Fire Blanket, Fire line Aproved, Smoke detector Spray and Heat Detector, Fire Hose and Coupling, Fog Nozzle Machino, Nakajima, Storz, French, USA Ansi, Fire Axed, Hidrostatic Hammar Valve Erpib and Liferaft, Complete New Liferaft 6 at 25 persons Solas Approved, Termic Suit, Radar Reflector, Magnetic Compass, Cronometer, Inclinometer, Barometer, Binócular 7 x, 50 Maritime and Watertight, Night Vision Binocular, Sea Anchor, Rations Solid and liquid drinking Water, Searchlights, Flashlights anti Explosion Certificated, Morse Signal, Fires Aid Kit, Imo Signal and Poster Adhesive, EEBD Solas, Pilot Ladders Solas Certificated and Accessories, Fire extinguishers and Refill, and total items Necessary on Board.

1.2. Deck Stores and Engine Stores

Wire Ropes and Accessories, Manual Tools Electric Machine Tools, Pneumatic Tools and Machine, Air Compressors, Ladder Wood and Aluminum Small and Big Size, Complete Line Paints Products (Air Nozzle Sprayer, Air Paint Machine, Aluminum Extension, Paint Rollers, Brushes Japanese Dog Leg, Dog Bolts, Nuts and Bolts different types Steel, Bronze, Brass, St Steel, Couplings Complete line use in Hose, Marine Sanitary Equipments (Flush Valves, Faucets, Toilets, Shower Sets, Marine Accessories, Wash Bashins, Emergency Showers, Plumbing Pipes), Complete Line Hose and Accessories (Clips, Air & Water Hoses, Tank cleaning Hoses, Suction & Delivery Hoses, Oil & Fuel Hoses, Welding HOses, Steam Hoses, Chemical Hoses), Glass Fibre Insulation Products (Industrial Slabs, Lamella Blankets, Pipe Insulations, Glass Fibre Tape, Glass Fibre Cloth glass Fibre Rope, Insulation Tape, Insulation Mats Wired Matsfire Batts, Insulation Sheets), Hatch Cover products (Watertight Door Packing, Hatch cover packing, Hatch cover Tape, Macgregor Items) Acrylic & Gauge Products (Acrylic Sheet, Round Gauge, Glass Reflex & Plain Flat Gauge Glass) e Adhesive Silicone.

1.3. Deck and Engine Stores products

Locking Products, Sealing Products, Retaining Products Pur Foam Cleaner & Lubricants, Valves (ANSI Valves, DIN Valves, Ball Valves, Fire Hydrants, Butterfly, Valves, Needle Valves, Storm Valves, Welding FLanges), Rubber Products (Rubber, Matting, O-Rings Rubber & Viton Strings, Sponge Rubber Sheets, Rubber Bar), PTFE Products (Sheets, PTFE Nylon Bars, PTFE Gasket Rings, PTFE Tape, Cord & Paste), Packing Gladn (Steam Packing Graphited, Universal Packing, PTFE Impregnated, Universal Packing Graphited, Pure PTFE Packing, Greases Stren/ Tube Packing, Ramie Packing, Graphited Tape Aramid Fibre Packing PTFE Impregnated)

1.4. Steel Products

Pipes Standard and Pipes Sch 40, Sch 80, Sch 160, Conections, Steel Bars, Flats, Equal, Round, Square, Hot Chanel, Steel Plates, Razor Wire, Valves, Steel Bleaching and complete line product Use on Board.

1.5. Electrical Products

Electric Cables, Electric Plugs and Receptacle, Electric Boxes, Stand Lamp and Navigation Lamp, Reflector Lamps Stand and Mercury and Sodium, Flashlight Industrial and Norma Use, Isolation Mats.

1.6. Nautical equipments and charts

B.a Charts, NP Nautical Publications, Nautical Books, Flags, Imo and Posters Adhesives, Rullers, Compass, Symbols

1.7. Cabin and Galley Stores and Clothing Line Products

Liquid and Powder Soaps, Napkin Papers, Galley Gloves, Liquid Desinfectant, Oven Cleaner Products, Cleaner Products for Sanitary, Hospital Cleaner Products, Industrial Cleaner Products

1.8. Chemical and Paint Products

Complete Line Products Unitor and Marichem Products and Complete Line Products Jotun and International Paints or Brazilian Brands

1.9. Welding Equipments

Welding Machine, Welding Protection Gloves + Mask + Helmets + Googles + Aprons, Welding Plugs and Sockets use in Hose, Welding Nozlle, Welding Hose

1.10. Stationary and Informatic Products

Printer Cartridges and Toners Different Brands, Printer Tapes, Pencils and Pens, Cover Sheets, Envelopes, Magnetic Clips, Cover Books, Paper Sheets, Plastic Sheet  and Complete Line Products

1.11. Refilling Oxygen and Acetilene and Gas Freon Bottles

Brands Unitor and Drew Ameroid and Dupont

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